All of our photography sessions require some type of retainer. The prices may vary due to the type of shoot or arrangement with each particular client. Retainers are only refundable for 24 hours and go toward your total balance. A retainer is not payment it is simply to reserve your date and time.


When booking a session your time starts promptly at whatever time slot was booked. There is a 15 minute grace period for all sessions to begin & end. Sessions extend no more than 15 minutes over the scheduled time and start no later than the scheduled time. All late sessions are subject to immediate cancellation. If additional time is required, the additional time must be paid for in full at the time of request and billed at $75/hr

Additional Images:

In the event that you'd like to have even more pictures retouched, awesome! Additional retouching is $19 per image and is billed with a new invoice. If you would like to see your entire session, no problem! There will be a $100 upload fee applied to a new invoice and upon payment you will receive a private link to your images with in 48-72 hours. After confirming you received the link, you have up to 1 week to select your images for retouching. Keep in mind these images are low resolution, very small in size and not true color. These images will have a "J MARIE" watermark for security purposes and may not be uploaded to any website other than & these marked images are not allowed to be altered or watermarks removed even by request. Once you have made your selection the images will be retouched and will be released without the water mark. When making your selections, please do so by choosing images that are the best posed, the best facial expression and are clear, not blurry image and leave the rest to us. As we upload all of the images, you may receive test shots that look like "why would you take this picture" do not be alarmed again they are test shots. We do our best to comb through before uploading for retouch selection. Additional image Retouching time frames differ from session to session. Photographs from your sessions will remain available to you for no longer than 30 days after your session is completed. Any requests for additional images will be sent over to our "BOOK A SESSION" section.

Rights & Reservations

The final none watermarked  images you receive are yours. You may do anything you wish with them and too them other than reselling or licensing them (for commercial inquiries, please contact JMPS via email).   J Marie Photography Studios reserves the right to use, claim, post, publish, edit, sell or licence any images or video content as need be with or without the permission or consent of the subject, subject guardian and or purchaser of the session and material (image & video.)

Contests /give away

Any information collected on this site or by J Marie Photography Studios is voluntary and  is subject to the terms and conditions provided in our privacy policy. Contest recipients are to be treated as normal clients following the same guidelines as any other session. Contest winners will be required to make a once refundable deposit to hold their date and time. This one time refundable deposit is to be returned to the client upon completion of the session. In the event that the session is canceled or has to rescheduled due to the client, the deposit becomes non refundable and the session either needs to be re-booked or a reschedule fee maybe needed.

Cancellation/ reschedules

Due to the retainer policy, cancellations are not considered refundable. Refunds are only available for 24 hours after a retainer is paid. Any cancellations after 24 hours will result in the loss of the retainer, a new retainer will be required and the booking process is to be repeated. You may choose to reschedule your your session at any time up-until 72 hours prior to your scheduled session. All reschedules incur a $50 rescheduling fee due at the time of rescheduling. Any sessions that have not been rescheduled by the previously scheduled date will be considered a cancellation and will required a new deposit to secure a new date.