YOU: "Can you make me skinny?" ME: I can, but I wont...

YOU: "Jay!

Can you make me look good!?"

ME: but you already look good babe...

YOU: "Can you make me skinny?"

ME: I can, but I wont...

YOU: "but I don't like my..."

ME: Listen...We all have things about ourselves that we would prefer people to not look at myself included, so I understand. Practicing self love and confidence doesn't mean feeling perfect. It doesn't even mean being okay or content with where you are in life. It means loving yourself no matter what. At any size, at any shape, any color, pay grade or anything else. Confidence isn't feeling like you're perfect babe. Confidence is so much more simple.

It's legit just waking up every day and saying "I got this." In any situation... chin up, boobs out and those three words, are all you need to be confident. Self love is simply saying "you know what? I do look good! I may not look like her...BUT I LOOK GOOD!" I don't need you to look any different than you do right now. Just trust me & trust my work. If you wanna eat healthy do it, If you wanna work out do it. But don't do it for me, do it for yourself because I don't need you to look any different. I promise you'll love the way you look when we're done. All I need is your trust & your best energy when you walk through the door.

I talk to you every day, you react to my posts, you comment on my page, you wanna do this but you don't want your pictures posted. There's options for that. We won't allow that to be an excuse. As a matter of fact we won't allow any excuses anymore. Not because it's 2020, not because you're turning a numerical milestone. But because excuses are forged in fear. Fear is the poison that floods our minds and causes us to be still. Fear is the corrosive carcinogen that destroys our ability to move forward with faith and do the things that will make us happy. You won't wake up one day and decide you love yourself. It's a skill, it's a mindset and it's a way of life that has to be practiced till perfection. You can get there! I know it doesn't seem like it right now but I promise one day you'll be able to walk past that mirror and say " YAAAAASSSS but it takes steps and we can start as slow as you need to but we'll get there, together. One day at a time. Love you girl . . . #houstonphotographer #houstonfemalephotographer

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