I see you....even if you don't see yourself right now ❤

I see you....even if you don't see yourself right now ❤

I see you...even if the world doesn't see you yet😘

I see you...I see every curve from every side and every smile you try to hide, yes I see you 💕

It makes me proud to know you. It brings me joy to show you. The beauty you've held all along. I mean I could really show you some. I know the way you feel. I

know why you feel the way you feel. You don't have to get use to it and I know the way through it. There's a light at the end...i

t's far away and it's dim. but it's there none the less...all it take it's one step. Then another after that. Lean on faith take a breath. When you're ready and set, you just take your next step.

love the NOW you. While working on the NEW you. Tell her she's just as special, just as important, jut as beautiful, just as powerful and just as worthy as the new you. Don't down grade her and try to play her. She got you here. She's gotten you through everything. Now it's time for her to evolve and become someone else but you love her while she's here.

You tell her that she's beautiful. You tell her she's sexy! You tell her she's intelligent and she can do anything. You tell her that she is capable! You tell her every damn day until she believes it because that's

all she needs. Belief in here self and she can begin to love herself.

So many different women come to see me but only one woman leaves....She stands a little bit taller, her smile is a little bit brighter, her boobs are a bit more out there and her chin is just a little bit higher. She's the woman I do this for...she doesn't have a name, she doesn't have a face, she doesn't have a size, color or shape. She is simply a woman. Period. She is who I do it for, I am her and she is you.

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