I kow it's scary but let's talk about it.

Trust is all I need from you...I mean and your best energy. I can take care of the rest I know you think the women on my page look like models (they are not ) I can't say it enough times these are real, everyday women just like you, just like me. We're not going crazy in the gym🏽‍♀️ , we're not counting calories with a calculator 🧮 (not shaming you Karen) also that's not fair I know some Karen's that are really sweet & cool so change this name please! 🤣🤣 and will someone please send me the calculator emoji! 🧮🧮 ( I came up with this) Anyway babe 🤩 I know you're super nervous and worried about everything in the world. I could make a thousand posts comforting you on every topic and i will but right now let's talk about posing because that's a big scary one right?

You have no idea how to pose huh? Like what do I even do with my arms!? 🏽‍♀️and this hair!? 🏽‍♀️ ugh it's just too much, it's too muuuuch! but you see that's my job...that's my department. 🥰 Girl I would never have you just standing there telling you "ok next pose" or "ok now do something else" I cant even imagine, makes me cringe just thinking about it. 🤭 I have a video on my site that kinda walks you through the whole session process actually maybe it'll make you feel a little better. it's make sure you come back and finish reading wnen you're done or hit me up if you're like "okay Jay, I'm ready!" 🤣🤣 but yea I get it, you've never done this before you're already nervous and the last thing you wanna have to figure out is how to stand in fron of this camera lol well if you follow my work for real you know we don't stand for long . I'll help you I promise, from making sure your bra strap is straight to making surre your baby hairs are under control because girl mine ... anyway. I'm gonna hold your hand through this entire process, from booking, to scheduling,  from outfits to make up. I'm gonna walk you through each step and when it comes to posing i'm gonna guide you from your nose to your toes...(I like saying that .)

I leave nothing up to chance and I position you perfectly into each pose so you have nothing to worry about. 🥳🥳 Even if you just can't get it, i'll sit my camera down waddle 🦆 over to you and  get in the pose with you just to give you better idea of what I mean because I get it. It's a little scary and you don't wanna look stupid. But you won't I promise. You're gonna look amazing and have the time of your life! Don't take my word for it... there's  a ton of ladies just like you that went through my process, learned my steps and feel that surge of confidence knowing for a fact that they do look good & now you know how to work YOUR body to show it. 🏽 If you're looking for sexy pictures i'm not the photographer for you. If you're looking for a friend that is willing to listen to how you've been through everything that's happening, give you advice on how you to gain love, piece & prosperity,  teach you how to embrace the skin you're in and how to love yourself then come see me. 🥰🥰🥳I got you and you gots this babe!