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I kow it's scary but let's talk about it.

Trust is all I need from you...I mean and your best energy. I can take care of the rest I know you think the women on my page look like models (they are not ) I can't say it enough times these are real, everyday women just like you, just like me. We're not going crazy in the gym🏽‍♀️ , we're not counting calories with a calculator 🧮 (not shaming you Karen) also that's not fair I know some Karen's that are really sweet & cool so change this name please! 🤣🤣 and will someone please send me the calculator emoji! 🧮🧮 ( I came up with this) Anyway babe 🤩 I know you're super nervous and worried about everything in the world. I could make a thousand posts comforting you on every topic and i will but right now let's talk about posing because that's a big scary one right?

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