9 secret tricks to get his attention

Let's be honest ladies...things change. It just is what it is. But it doesn't have to stay the way it is. You can change it. If he's not looking at you the way he used to or if he's not touching you all the time, it may not mean that there's evil a foot....he may just be distracted. Maybe things have cooled down a little. Here's a secret little list of things you can add to your arsenal to get his focus back on you 😘

I work with my husband everyday, so I knew that I definitely had to up the antics for him. I pride myself in not being a basic bitch! 🤣 So here's a few things I do to make sure he's reminded of who I am.

1. GET DRESSED! I don't mean like an old lady...Let them titties out!! I don't care if you're a stay at home mom, an employee, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a CEO or Annalise Keating! (yes i'm binge watching that, right now don't judge me 😒) Make it your goal to get dressed and no not just presentable. Actually take the time to do your makeup, brush that hair, shave, and smell good!!

2. Treat him how you want to be treated. STOP BEING A DRY BITCH! 😑 You want to be wine and dined?? Bet I'm sure he'd love that coming from you to! You know when you tell him lets go do something then he ask "What you wanna do?" then we usually say "ummm idk.." Next time surprise him! Already have 3 places in mind. Try putting an outfit together for him leave it on the bed, write a cute note, and take him out for a date. Trust me it goes such a loooong way! 😘

3. Smile!! NOT THAT TIGHT LIPPED, weird grin thing you do. 😬 You know those things we use to chew our food?? yeah SHOW THOSE!!! He likes that. Nothing and I mean NOTHING! Makes my man happier than when he sees me smiling! He tells me all the time it makes him feel like I'm happy with life. I know what you're thinking... "Jay, I smile all the time!" I hear you babe but really take notes, like tally out how often you smile in front of your man.....I'll wait.

4. Get into what he's talking about. Really pay attention, ask questions, give advice. Don't give the standard response of 😦 "That's craaazzyyy." That's tired out and if he doesn't know by now that you weren't really paying attention to his conversation than he'll find out later. Whether it's with a meme or another person that'll make him feel heard. Just hear him out for real this time.

5. Be positive! The world we're living in right now can seem so chaotic and scary. I know for me I can't be around any negativity period. I know for some of us being positive is extremely hard. But I promise if you try every single day at least once a day, you'll get there. Being a light for him in these dark times will make anyone want to be around you more including your man.

6. KISS!!! I know your probably thinking "kiss? are you serious? Of course we kiss! He's my husband!" I get that babe, but seriously think about how often you kiss your man? and I don't mean a peck before leaves or before bed. Not just when you're about to be intimate I mean even when both your breaths smell like a butt face beaver 🤣 I mean like tongue down his throat scrapping teeth type of kiss. It'll also make you brush your teeth more and helps promote healthy habits 🤓 because he'll never know when he's gonna have a second tongue in his mouth. 😝' You remember when you first started dating and those where the only kisses you knew....yeah do that again.

7. Start saying I LOVE YOU! MORE!💓 I really feel like once you're married we get comfortable with our partners and we forget to remind them how much they're loved. Say it before you hang up the phone, say it when ya'll are leaving each other (even if it's to the gas station around the corner) say it randomly throughout the day, say it when you have nothing else to say. JUST SAY IT! 💞

8. Shave that pussy!🐱‍👤 yess...thats a ninja kitty 😂 Buy some sexy lingire! Buy some sex toys! Oil that ass up! Thank me later....Seriously though it's something about having a bald pussy that just makes us feel sexy instantly! Not only that but I also find that it makes us moist for no reason at all! (or is it just me?😆) Sexy lingerie I know can seem intimidating but that shit goes a long way! Not only do you feel like the baddest bitch in the room but now your mans looking at you like.......gaaaaahhhhhh Daaaaaaamn!!!! Sex toys sound like a bit much right? It's really not, put your mask on and walk in. Look around ask questions the people who work there are very informative and are more than happy to help you out and if they're not...Leave sis and go somewhere else! You should definitely want to feel heard in this process so finding a shop that makes you feel comfortable is the first step. Those stores have soooo many things that'll make you feel overwhelmed but what i do is just google what'll be beneficial for the both of us and go in with that in mind. That way you have a starting point. Keep in mind you can always order online. Amazon is my best friend!

9. Find out what he's googling. (grabs phone goes to google history...finds....Oh My God😦...My mans NASTY) "Okay I can handle this...I just have to buy a few things!"😏 Find out what he's watchinnng!! Be prepared for his suspicion. 😒 He might be like ..."what's this? where's this energy coming from?" but that's good!! It means he's paying attention!! Which is the reason for this whole list!

Don't think you can wrap up a whole man or an entire relationship in 9 paragraphs. This is just a list of things that you may not have thought about or maybe you haven't tried in a while. Any relationship no matter how young or old requires sacrifice. But the number one thing you can do to get your mans attention is to give him yours. If you can think of anything else leave a comment. Let's add to this list. Your comment might help someone else. Remember, keep it light babe talk to you later. 😘😘😘

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