7 Reasons why you NEED a boudoir session!

There's really only one real reason and its because're worth it DUH!

Seriously though this is a never ever ending question i hear a lot! "Why me" my answer usually is why not you? You're beautiful (whether you see it or not) You're worth it ( whether you feel like it or not)

1. 40's the new 30 and 30's the new 20!

Let's face it, we're all getting older ever day. You're either gonna embrace it and age like wine or like an old moldy sandwich. You've battled through the year and made it to the next on top of your game and ready to take on the next mile stones and challenges life has to offer! " Bring it on BITCH!" Let's do this!

2. You need a reminder!

You don't feel like you quite "have it" anymore. You feel like you're just not as sexy as you used to be or you feel like you don't look your best. You've gained weight and you can't get it off. LOOK...Stop! Stop trying to loose that weight to be happy, stop trying to loose those inches to feel better. Having "the perfect body" won't make you happy. I remember being my heaviest and dropping over 80 pound=, reach my goal weight and was STILL unhappy. You know why? because there's ALWAYS a reason to be unhappy. Until you push out negativity, jealousy and and self hate from you heart. you'll always have a reason to be unhappy. Self love starts with self care. Do things for you. ignore those thoughts in your head, your buyers remorse . Take yourself out, buy yourself that dress, that bag, those shoes. Take beautiful images of your self, have an amazing time doing so and you'll see that by taking action towards self care, you'll foster self love in the process. You are worth it, you are special.

3. He needs a reminder!

It feels like he doesn't really notice you anymore, you could walk by naked and he may or may not look so you just don't even try. Do you know why? It's not because of how you look. It isn't because he's not attract to you anymore. The answer is very simple... he's a man. They forget. Show him. let him see you in a way that he never has. Poses and positions he's never seen you in, angels & lighting that compliment your perfectly. A lot of times our partners will have an image of us in there heads and thats what they hold on to when they see us...let's give him something he'll NEVER forget.

4. Add a little picante!

Okay so he looks at you, he touches you. You guys are intimate from time to time but you'd like a little more sizzle, more passion right? Let's sauce it up a bit! A boudoir session is the perfect way to add FLAMES to your relationship . but be-careful and i can't be held responsible for random sessions in changing rooms lol

5. Just had a baby?

This was probably the most challenging time for me and my marriage personally . There's this new little thing that needs all the attention, all the time and all the affection. It can be stressful and demanding on a couple. It's a time were you'll have to get creative with your routines and make time for one another. Being "sexy" is definitely gonna be at the bottom of that list. Ugh! then the weight gain, the stretch marks, you have every right to feel the way you feel. but let me tell're wrong. Now, after you baby is the best time to treat yourself. You're body isn't the same but different doesn't mean bad. You've done the most incredible thing imaginable! You gave birth to a whole person! Celebrate those scars and marks! Wear them with pride... or don't that's completely up to you and your photographer.

6. Gift your partner something special for something special.